"The only thing exclusively unique for each person especially in the business world is their word."


While English still remains the business world's international common language, many businesses look to speak their target markets' languages for optimal responsiveness to international opportunities. Language localization, made possible by professional translation services, give organizations the world over a key competitive advantage: It enables them to quickly identify and respond rapidly to local demands and trends.

Great Translations 24-7 was founded to help organizations the world over get past any language barriers standing in the way and reap the benefits an interconnected global market offers. The translation services company helps businesses, organizations, and individuals reach and communicate with their target markets clearly and effectively. Great Translations 24-7 embodies its founder Olga Vidakovic's passion for language's ability to bridge divides and bring greater understanding. Originally from the former Yugoslavia, Ms. Vidakovic has a keen appreciation for and understanding of the value of speaking multiple dialects and conversing with many different ethnic groups. Her attention to detail and dedication to proper word usage and other linguistic nuances infuse Great Translations 24-7's quality standards. A University of Toronto graduate with an Hon. BA in Economics, Ms. Vidakovic has worked in the language translation service industry since 2004.

Great Translations 24-7 was born from Ms. Vidakovic's constant efforts in developing new ideas on how to enhance customer satisfaction through innovative ideas that boost the quality of translations and other language-related services at affordable rates.